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Can I be on Wikipedia too?

Having a Wikipedia page gives you the kind of credibility that no other means can even dare to imagine. It is a hallmark of being someone important and worth knowing about. But creating a Wikipedia page is said easier than done and that is where we come in the picture. But, first let`s answer few questions, we are sure, you have in your mind right now.

To answer this question better, let us tell you what having a Wikipedia page really means. It is nothing fancy; it simply means you are who you say you are and all the information you`ve put out is authentic and genuine. How does the process work? For Wikipedia Page Creation, what you are saying about yourself is of no importance but what other sources on internet are saying about you is what matter. To cut the long story short, whatever you want your Wikipedia page to say about you, you need to have online references and sources to back it up. Period!

Wikipedia Page Creation Services in India - The Big Green Tree

What Kind of Links I Need?

Wikipedia Page Creation Services in India

Good quality, credible links from popular and trustworthy sources. Here is a list of sources which are considered authentic and credible: Wikipedia Page Creation gives top priority to government websites and publications (don't ask why); second comes the websites of national level newspapers and magazines (this is something we agree on); then comes organizational websites, popular blogs with high following, and other such online channels. Your personal website or blog would be of no use, so forget about it; neither would your best friend`s blog about travel and books.

What TBGT Can Do For You?

Well, the answer to this question is hard to summarize in this short description. We do what we call ‘The Green Magic.’ First, we check all your links and references and be completely honest with you about the possibility of creating a Wikipedia page. We only say yes to a project if there are positive chances to have a Wikipedia page up and running. The next step is to curate and compile all the possible links and references and start writing your bio corroborating what other sources are saying about you. We are extra cautious while writing the first draft and be as neutral as possible because Wikipedia does not allow any kind of promotion or eulogysing language.

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