Why you need Wikipedia for your brand?

Jun - 15

Why you need Wikipedia for your brand?

Whether you are an individual or an organization, you keep thriving to build your brand. Being on an encyclopedia like that of Wiki is definitely something that adds to your brand value. This is especially true in case of B2B businesses since the ticket size of a project is higher and the client would ideally like to do some research before giving the assignment to the bidder. Or if you are a CEO or owner of a particular company, it helps you emerge as an authority and leader in your industry and enhance your online presence and reputation. In our experience of being a Wikipedia page creation agency services Delhi, we come across several similar requests. 

Here are a few reasons why you or your brand should be on Wiki:

1. Not everyone can be on Wiki

That’s the prime reason you should be on wiki because not everyone can find a spot there. Wikipedia has the basic notability clause and only those who are notable from Wiki guidelines can have a page on wiki.

2. Your search results become impressive

Imagine anyone searching your name on google and finding irrelevant things about you. Now imagine anyone searching your name on google and finding your wiki page on the first page of search results. 

3. You emerge as a leader/Authority

As indicated before, having a wiki page means you are important and you have done credible work in your own domain. Hence, it helps you cut through the competition and emerge as an authority on the subject

4. Gets you more business/money

You can impress your clients/funders easily if you have your company’s wiki page or the leader’s page in place. That always adds immense value and help generate more business or money from prospective investors/funders

To conclude, having a wiki page can be a game changer for your brand or business. Get in touch with us to check if you can have a page for yourself and as one of the best wikipedia page creation agency Delhi, we will help you build a solid profile on wikipedia. 

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