What to know before creating a wiki page?

Jun - 12

What to know before creating a wiki page?

Wikipedia as we all know is the pinnacle of credibility. If you are at wikipedia, you are important. While this adds to your credibility, it can also act as a catalyst for your business and earn your more high-ticket sized customers. Helping for same, we offer Wikipedia page creation services in Delhi NCR and other parts of India of course. However, before you approach us to make the page, here are few things that you must know:

  • You need credible links!A blog post about you or your work will not count. Credible links means reliable news websites and organisational websites. Also, if the link somewhere just mentions you and is not about you entirely, it might not work either.
  • It is a time taking process (usually)It is possible to create a wiki page in 5 minutes which will stay if everything is right. However, what we usually recommend is to give time to it and edit it gradually. Dumping all information at one go is not the greatest way.
  • Try not be an orphan

    An orphan page is one which doesn’t have any existing wiki page providing a link to it. An orphan page is more likely to be deleted. Hence we try to create a bit of your presence on wiki and then create your page (which means even more time!)
  • There can be glitches!Wikipedia is an open platform. Any user can volunteer for edit. Hence it all depends on who is editing your page. So yes, they might delete information, references or the entire page. But that doesn’t mean that the battle is lost. You can go to talk page, discuss and redo.
  • There is a way aheadIf you are blank with no links or coverages at all, that doesn’t mean your journey has ended. It has rather just started. We can work with you and consult you on how to do your PR, get coverage and create the page.
    So that’s all that you must be aware of. As next steps, just contact us and we will check if we can create a page for you. And if yes, what will be the process and timelines. Hope this was helpful!

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