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No one can deny the power of social media marketing in making your business more popular and successful since it provides you an opportunity to connect directly with your end customer and helps you build a relationship with them. While social media marketing can’t exactly drive sales directly, it has a prime contribution in maintaining your brand image and stimulating the sales indirectly. All kind of brands, either big or small, are now getting in to the big game of social media to utilise its advantages against the expensive traditional media channels.

Quick Facts About Social Media


84% of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions.


There are more than 450 million user profiles. as boasted by Linked on their blog.
- source


Out of the entire population of earth, there are 2.1 billion people who are active on social media.
- source


41 billion $ was the estimated global advertising revenue of social networks in 2017.
- source

Who is Using Social Media?

Well practically everyone is using social media for a myriad of reasons that encompasses a wide spectrum of objectives - both personal and professional.




Start ups










Educational bodies




Political Parties


Healthcare Institutions


Celebrities & Leaders


Mobile Applications

Social Media Marketing VS Traditional Media Marketing

Social media is the new age technology because of which a lot of traditional people shy away from it and still prefer the same modes of traditional media like hoardings, newspaper advertising and more. However, the same folks should be aware that social media is far more superior and advanced in multiple ways. While the rivarly of social media and traditional media shall remain never ending, here is quick overview of the difference between the two.


Social Media Marketing​

Traditional Media Marketing​

Cost ​

Social media marketing is cost effective and cheaper and can be afforded by anyone and everyone ​

Traditional Media marketing is fairly expensive and is not in reach of everyone. ​


Yes, Social media marketing is highly targeted and can work according to age, gender, geography and even interests.

Traditional media marketing remains very broad and reaches out to a much non-targeted audience overall. ​


Social media marketing is easily measurable and tangible reports can be obtained to evaluate the impact quickly. ​

The measurability of traditional media marketing is wobbly and it can take a lot of time and efforts to evaluate.


Social media marketing is interactive. You can engage with it and make it a tool for a two way communication with end users. ​

Traditional media marketing is a one way communication and is not interactive and offers no opportunity to engage. ​

Advantages of Working With Us


We are young and creative and are full of new ideas to take your social media campaigns a notch higher.


We understand the targeted market and hence come up with posts which have a higher engagement rate.


Yes, We give a very high significance of your objective and what should be the overall messaging architecture to achieve the objective.


We monitor what we are doing and provide regular reports; also inviting client to brainstorm with us if needed.


Our pricing is economical and the solutions offered by us are affordable with no compromise in the quality of work.


We are particular with your money that is being spent on ads and optimise the campaigns for maximum ROI possible.

Our Work

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To conclude, everyone is using social media tools & platforms either for better servicing already existing customers, engaging with them in real time or acquiring new ones. We leverage our experience of managing all kind of social media platforms of companies across an assortment of sectors including health, travel, IT, politics, causes, FMCG and more - creating an optimized campaign for your brand to achieve your goals. So we not only create and manage the campaign but also help you strategies to make sure that the objective is clear and the strategy is in alignment with it. Reach out to us and let’s discuss how we can help you unlock the power of social media and digital, giving your growth the rocket speed it deserves.

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