What did we learn from the Facebook Marketing campaigns we did?

Mar - 05

What did we learn from the Facebook Marketing campaigns we did?

Social media is the buzzword everyone is chasing for various purposes. While some brands just want to be present on social media to have a presence and connect with their users, some brands want to utilize it for hard core lead generation. We have worked on a variety of social media campaigns in different domains. Needless to say, all of them come with their own unique insights. However, there is something common that we find in all successful social media campaigns and we are listing them down for you:

  1. Social Media is about people and not about the brand itself

    While designing any campaigns or doing any kind of research, we always put ‘people’ before the brand. While the brand is the ultimate beneficiary via the campaign, it should be people who must be thought about at a very primary level. Hence, don’t push the brand in each and every post you make. Connect with people by talking about them, their lifestyle, their everyday situations and eventually slip in the brand.
  2. Experiment and go out of the box, really!

    The phrase out-of-the-box has become a cliche today but in the creative digital space, it holds monumental significance. While you may take inspiration from what competitors are doing (and it might be working well), do not stop yourself from creating something entirely off the grid. Something that people see and stop for the moment to think how crazy the creator of this post will be. Make memes, jokes and whatever you feel can engage your audience.
  3. Forced shares lead to organic shares

    In our experience, if you create a post that you know should be widely shared by the audience; you will still have to get some forced shares by your teammates to initiate organic shares. The probability of someone sharing a post which has been shared already is much higher than a post which doesn’t have even a single share – irrespective of the quality of the post. Same goes with comments. 
  4. Don’t rush with follower acquisition. Slow down the chasing game.

    Do not rush with getting a lot of followers in one go by spending heavy budgets (unless that’s the only aim). Keep your follower acquisition slow and keep entertaining your new followers with new creative content. Otherwise, there is a high risk of depleting engagement rate.

So these were (only) few of our learnings. We definitely do have more and will be writing shortly about them again!

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