Importance of good Content in digital marketing

Jun - 21

Importance of good Content in digital marketing

As cliche as it has been, Content is indeed the king and as many advancements as may have been, content still remains the core of any digital marketing campaign. However, at the same time, the nature of content is consistently evolving. While it was merely text at the boom of internet and the following years, not it has become more of a combination of text, images and videos to get the attention of the user who has million other interesting things to see. That being said, the importance of written content has not been compromised so far. As a premium content writing agency in Delhi NCR, this is why we feel content is important in Digital Marketing:

  • You are what your content isYour content is your expression. It tells you what you are at your core and communicates about your personality. Bad content automatically implies bad personality.


  • User time spend matters for SEOYes, there are multiple factors that adds value to your SEO. It is use of keywords, backlinks etc. But one of the most critical things is the time spent by user. You can drive traffic, but if you have bad content, no one’s gonna stick for long and that would impact your SEO.


  • Good content can drive salesWhat is the purpose of digital marketing? If your answer is to drive traffic, it is wrong. It is to generate business and sales. While many tenets of digital marketing can bring you traffic, only good and persuasive content can convert it to sales.


  • It adds valueGood content in any digital marketing campaign is an asset. It adds value to what you are doing. Be it a social media campaign or an email marketing, good content always adds substance to it.


The list of things why good content is important in digital is practically endless. But here were just a few points that highlighted the importance. TBGT being an expert provide high quality content writing services in Delhi. Do get in touch and we can quickly discuss your requirements.

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