I want a Wikipedia page for me or for my brand. What should i do?

Jun - 21

I want a Wikipedia page for me or for my brand. What should i do?

Well the first answer to this would be call or email us. But even before that, you can do a few things as homework before getting in touch so that we can together move faster and more efficiently onwards and get your page up and running:


  1. Create a crisp bio/about

Start creating a crisp bio and start jotting down your journey. Include all the relevant point or milestones that you think are important and should be in your bio. Don’t bother about the language, we will take care of it. What’s important here are the hard core facts.

  1. Collect your coverage/links/mentions

Start compiling your coverages, media mentions or wherever you have been mentioned or featured at any relevant platforms. Remember, if there are PDFs uploaded at good websites, they count as a solid reference (If the PDF is relevant). While we can google search all your links and mentions on web, we can’t exactly find these PDFs uploaded. So it is important.

  1. Get in touch with us

Contact us via our query form or just call us up and send us the above two things so that we can analyse the feasibility of your page and get back to you with the possibilities or next steps.

  1. Be Patient

If all good and we are set to start building your page, be patient. We will keep you in loop and involved in the process and update you at each and every step. Do not panic if the page has got deleted. If we have taken up the project, we will handle it.

So that’s all you need to do if you want your wikipedia page done. It’s not so difficult but a bit tricky and with our experience and expertise, we can help you get the page up and running in a solid way.

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