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The Big Green Tree is the Leading Ghost Writing Services Agency in Delhi NCR - India. We Write all kinds of Fictions, Novels, Biographies, Business Books, Social Books, Political Books, Self-Help Books etc. So, if you're Looking for best Ghost Writing Services in India - Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Banglore, Gurgaon, Noida etc, Then contact us @ +91 7042402314 or and get a free quote.

What is Ghost Writing?

A ghost artist someone who writes or creates a piece of art and does not take credit for it but take a good sum of money for it. He/She signs a confidentiality agreement and never claim the rights for the work done. Narrow down the concept of being a ghost artist to writing, and you can very well understand that Ghost Writer is someone who writes books or articles and doesn’t take credit for it.

Over last few years, we have written more than 50 books for our clients and they range from romantic novels to self-help books, from out and out crime thrillers to books on the power of data and Artificial Intelligence. Categorically, this is the kind of books we do:


We have worked with CXOs of top corporates and organisations, Politicians, Owners of brands that we bet you use in your daily life, thought leaders and business leaders with multi-crore ticket sizes and more. While our desperation to tell the world these names and claim always remains high, we can not list them out since we are legally bounded.

How does Ghostwriting work?

Ghost Writing Services Agency in Delhi NCR - India | The Big Green Tree

There is no definite answer to it really. We have a more detailed website - which attempts to detail it and a short video for your help on how we see it. That being said, every ghost writing project is unique and requires a unique approach. It all depends on the personality of client and the work relationship between us and the client.

However, we are always ready to alter our approach, our work style and alter it as per the client. To add, ghost writing is a painful process - for both the client and the agency. What starts as a beautiful and flowery relationship keep taking ugly turns and twists resulting in passive-aggressive arguments.

But all of this is worth it for the sake of the book we are together conceiving. It’s like we are the mother of the child and you are the father. Even if we are carrying the baby, you do share the same anxiety.

Who will write my Book?

At this point, we can not say. Depends on the project. We have a team of in house writers working under the leadership of Harsh Agarwal (Our Captain). The expertise of these writers are diverse ranging from political to fiction to business. We also have a wide range of no-strings-attached writers (that is our terminology for freelancers) whom we work on project basis.

If we are hooking up a freelancer with you, it means we believe that our in house team doesn’t have the right expertise to cater to your project and hence we are sourcing external help. Even in this case, the strategy, planning and management is provided by us. These freelancers again have diverse background and mostly have journalism or literature background.

Next Steps?

Get in touch with us and let's discuss your project and if we are the right partners for it or not. Calling us doesn’t mean you have to divulge us who you are. There have been cases when the first calls that our clients made were made using their driver’s phone since they thought we might use truecaller to find who they were! We are not detectives. We can be if the work demands that though.

Nonetheless, fill this out and take the first step to write the book that you have been thinking to write since an era. How did we know that you have been thinking to write this since long? Experience!

If you are thinking to write a book, you just don’t search for a ghostwriter outrightly. You first try own your own, seek help from people in your network, get frustrated and then someone tells you about the world of ghost writing and voila, you are reading what you are reading. Okay, enough of reading, let’s talk.

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