Facebook Marketing for Happy Periods

Feb - 26

Facebook Marketing for Happy Periods


Happy Period was a personal project of Bhawna Monga – whose company Asian Waters Technology is a high level waste management company with various plants across Delhi NCR and outside. Being saturated with the regular tenders with the government, she wanted to something specific towards menstrual waste management and start creating conversations around periods (this started long before padman was released!).

Our approach:

When she approached us and we researched, we felt that the conversations about periods were always serious & monotonous. Periods were being labelled as a social issue and less as any other life process. While the social angle had to be maintained along with other points of menstrual hygiene, we decided to take an entirely new approach by creating humorous content around periods that girls could relate with.

Follower acquisition and audience:

We started acquiring followers at a slow pace of 500 per week and accelerated it very slowly. We defined the geography in all tier 1 and tier 2 cities and added mostly women related interests. The audience hence was kept pretty urban as we understood that the urban audience will be able to relate to it faster.

Messaging and content:

We experimented with various kind of posts which gave us average results. One of the memes we created gave us some brilliant results:

If you closely notice, the post is not boosted. The number of likes on page at this point of time were close to 10,000. Despite that, there was a generic outreach of 7,000 people credited to the relatability of the post and organic shares. The post received 218 likes which is far more than any average page having the same number of followers.

However, one of the challenges was that we didn’t have any female in the team and we felt that’s where we lacked. Despite how much we read, we felt we can not come up with something kickass unless we really experience and feel it. That’s when Muskan joined the team. It’s after that, we created some brilliantly relatable posts which worked extremely well. The one below was the adaptation of a meme which was already getting viral with different kind of messaging. We decided to cash on that:

We boosted this for INR 100 which amplified the outreach of a post which was working well organically already. The post received around 1500 reactions and again crossed limits of any average post/page with the similar number of followers or spends.

We continued working on various kind of posts, ran awareness campaigns on sexual harassment and widened the scope to women in general with major percentage given to menstruation. The performance of the page remained higher than other pages.

What we learnt?

  1. Slow cook your follower acquisition like you slow cook your Biryani
  2. You must go out of your way to hire right people for right things
  3. Humour works, always
  4. Adapt, get inspired and create
  5. Create a mix of intelligent and simple stuff
  6. Cash on the current viral content and build on that

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