Dp Vishwakarma and his journey to become Digital Marketing Expert

May - 01

Dp Vishwakarma and his journey to become Digital Marketing Expert

A journey of an unemployed electrical engineer
to become a top digital marketing consultant

 Dp Vishwakarma and his journey to become Digital Marketing Expert



While I was looking for someone for exchanging links and guest blogging, Google showed me a number of results having DP Vishwakarma on top of them. It says there he is ‘one of the top Digital Marketing Experts in India’. After going through his impressive website, I thought I have found the right person and instantly mailed him my proposal. I wasn’t sure if he would accept it since he ranked at the first page of Google. But to my surprise, he replied to me within 20 minutes of my mail. He was curious about my journey and how I’ve got the chance to be a TEDx speaker. Soon enough, we exchanged our numbers and talked over the phone and shared our story with each other. After knowing his inspirational story, I thought to publish it for which he agrees too. 


The Story of Dp Vishwakarma

Even though he was a great sketch artist, he never chose fine arts as a career option. He wanted to join technical fields and that’s why he started with his IIT-JEE and AIEEE preparation. Unfortunately, he was not born for any IITs or NITs. After two attempts of failure, he joined UPTU – one of the top private colleges (KIET-Ghaziabad). After finishing his college, he applied for various jobs but got the only rejection in hand. He was rejected from 50+ job interviews due to his lack of fluency in English and not enough knowledge of his engineering domain.  

As always been a creative person, he participated in the cultural fest of his college and won first prize for best Website and App marketing presentation. He always believed that he has a ‘marketing mind’ and wanted to start something of his own. He began his career as a Sales and Marketing Associate at the young age of 17 in a network marketing firm as the part-time job, while he was studying engineering. It was just a matter of time he started leading a group of 50+ members at his part-time job.


After trying enough to find a good engineering job for himself, he started to look for something in sales and marketing. Due to his excellent marketing skills, he got six jobs in marketing and sales domain. Though, he chose to quit all of them later on since he can’t find anything exciting in those jobs. 

He shared his big career confusion, “Being a multitasking person I had a big confusion to pick one domain for a successful career.  Born as a sketch artist but did graduation in electrical engineering, learned computer programming to get jobs in IT companies, participated in MLM business to start his own, worked in many companies as sales and marketing profile. I was the highly confused person”

Eventually, he chose internet marketing over MBA. While fighting with his unstable career, he started learning Digital Marketing and began his blogging journey. Dp started as Social Media Marketer for an e-commerce business.

On sharing the significance of Digital Marketing within his present profile, it’s everything. Dp procured a steady place on Google’s first page and for anyone who helped him get high-profile questions like Digital Marketing Expert in India or Digital Marketing consultant in India. This position generates huge leads for him. Truly, Digital Marketing has changed his life. Now, he is successfully running his own Digital Marketing Agency (KeywordsFly).


How a single Blog website changes Vishwakarma’s whole life:


Dp tried very hard to get jobs and often got rejected for not able to speak properly in English. And then he decided to start his own and took a lot of risks in his career. He stopped thinking about getting job, career, salary or anything. He started working on his skills and started his blog about Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and inbound marketing.

The most inspirational thing about him he did not know how to write the blog in English since he did his education from Hindi medium school and always had fear of English, both in writing and speaking.

Why he is the top Digital Marketing Expert and Consultant?

He has worked with many companies and did many freelancing projects. He has performed well in many roles. He deals in various services and worked hard to procure the following

Digital Marketing skills!

  • Team-building and collaboration.
  • High-level relationships and extensive professional network.
  • Responsible for planning and executing best online strategy for all client projects.
  • Search Engine Optimization (Having wide knowledge of employing basic and advanced SEO strategies).
  • Social Media Marketing (Creating quality social media content and Content Delivery)
  • Email Marketing Strategy (Email Design And Copy).
  • Search Engine Marketing (Creating quality Content and Bidding)
  • WordPress website Developing (Design site with suitable theme and Plugin)
  • Content Writing (High-Quality SEO Content creation) and
  • Graphics Designing (Magazine, Logo, Digital Banner Ads, and Cover Design )
  • Understanding the fundamentals of marketing
  • The understanding strategy of channel
  • Communication Skills
  • Data Analysis
  • Product marketing
  • Project management

Within a few years, through his hard work and dedication, he achieved a lot and created his own platform. Because of the blogging, many business persons, entrepreneurs, and freelancers want to work with him. On daily basis, he gets emails from all over India and enquiring for his consultancy in Digital Marketing. Now he is listed in top pages of Google and founder of his own agency. It is a great story- born as a sketch artist, graduated engineering, and now he is his own boss.

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  1. Great job done by DP Sir .What i know he has that capability to fight with challenges in a smooth manner .He is focused person that’s why he is here and i am sure he has a bright career.I feel love to study your blogs which are helpful.

  2. This Interview with Harsh Agarwal is a great experience for me. Thank you, Harsh Agarwal and your tbgt team for your valuable time to write and publish my story about career and Life. I am feeling awesome today.
    Again Thank you!😊😊 God Bless you!

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