Defining The Modern Engineer | Harsh Agarwal | TEDx NIT Silchar (Assam)

May - 08

Defining The Modern Engineer | Harsh Agarwal | TEDx NIT Silchar (Assam)

An alumnus of NIT Silchar, Harsh Agarwal is an author, entrepreneur and a social activist. He was just another boy in the country wanting to be an engineer. However, even after realizing his dream and getting into NIT Silchar, the destiny has some other plans for him. Disappointed with the reality after reaching there, he resorted to writing and started exploring fiction. At the young age of 19, he authored his first book ‘Life In A Nutshell’ which is about his experience in Kota. Before finishing his graduation, he has already written three books and published them. Then there is no looking back. He worked hard to establish his own company with multiple verticals and continue to complete various ghostwriting projects successfully.

Despite being working in the field unrelated to his core graduate stream of mechanical engineering, he still identifies himself as an engineer. Believing in the definition of the modern engineer as a creative problem solver, he addresses engineering as the design under constraint, and this is what he talks about in his TEDx talk at his Alma Mater.

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