All About Developing Internal Magazine for Sleepwell India – ‘Bridge’

Mar - 02

All About Developing Internal Magazine for Sleepwell India – ‘Bridge’

The Ask:

We were contacted by the HR team of sleepwell to develop an internal magazine for the circulation in employees of the factory. The objective of the magazine was to establish a connection between the management of the company and the on-ground workers. At the same time, it was also meant to highlight the achievements and activities of the company along with the workers to further motivate the entire workforce.

Branding & Structuring:

Since the primary objective of this magazine was to establish a connection, we named the magazine – ‘Bridge’. Further to that, we structured the magazine and started working on the possible content that can be highlighted. After multiple brainstorming sessions with the management, we decided that ‘Bridge’ should start with a message from the upper management and highlight why it is being launched and then should converge to the achievements and activities as a whole. The magazine was sub-structured into various other sections since it had to highlight the activities in not only Delhi factory but all across India.


We divided the work in different stages:

  1. Structuring and Indexing
  2. Sourcing content from management and workers
  3. Aligning the content and sequencing the content
  4. Designs
  5. Feedback and approvals

The management was highly supportive and provided content quickly for us to edit it and make it suitable to be fitted into the magazine.


The most challenging part of the entire flow was collecting content from the workers. We were given a list of workers from all the factories in India and the list contained those workers who had done some innovation in their job which has improvised the efficiency and the production of the machines that they were working with.

The challenge was to understand the technicality of those machines and also overcome the language barrier since some of the workers spoke regional languages. Our team dedicatedly made all phone calls and patiently listened to them, capturing the essential data and transformed it into simple English for everyone to understand.

Final Product:

The final product was a magazine that consisted of stories from various employees across the country, messages from senior management, pictures from various retreats and what more the company was planning for their employees.

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